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Designing the future, for over 65 years Only those with a great legacy can drive the future. Our history is composed of achievements, challenges, ideas, and international successes. In 1951 the RUPES 123 Stork is launched and instantly becomes an international hit that sparked the continued evolution of existing machine tools. In 1962 RUPES introduced the new TP/PC drill, the first tool in the world with body in technical polymer instead of a traditional cast metals. The new plastic material reduced tool weight and improved electric insulation, becoming an international standard. Moreover, this material improved the worker safety, since it creates a double insulating protection with low weight and excellent durability.  Next RUPES revolutionized the world of sanding by launching the first electric random orbital sander, BR 8 in 1968. To preserve the user’s safety, a dust removal system was integrated in all the RUPES sanders and in 1974 the first electric palm sander was introduced: The LE 7, a machine designed single handed operation. 1985 marked the introduction of new vacuum systems, both centralized and mobile.  These systems were aimed at the removal of dust generated in smoothing processes, and developed the RUPES “Energy Car”, the first mobile trolleys equipped with vacuum, designed to be easily moved around the workplace. In the year 2000 RUPES earned another star of excellence for the full assembly line automation of the electric motor manufacturing process. 2008 represented a revolutionary change for orbital polishing. The creation of the LHR 150 with its 10 mm diameter random orbital movement, a larger orbit than had ever been seen before in this application. 2010 Under the brand BigFoot, the bar was set even higher in the world of car finishing and detailing. This new system offered random orbital polishers with 15mm and 21mm orbits, forever changing how technicians would approach the process of polishing and refinishing.


Making tomorrow a safer place.

Designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative and reliable solutions in the professional tool market, with particular emphasis on electric tools, pneumatic tools, low voltage tools, and dust extraction systems to improve the quality of life and work.

Researching and creating solutions to simplify work and increase performance, enhancing both productivity and worker comfort while increasing safety. We design tools that change the way people work, helping professionals to work better, faster, and more effectively.

Improving work quality and simplifying tasks through creativity and innovation is our primary skill.

We know that the satisfaction of a job well done is something priceless. We work hard allow you to work better.

Passion for what we do, on-going research through leading-edge technologies, and commitment to our customers demands are the inspirations that show us the way towards the future.


Much more than tools

Quality Quality first. Before being released into the market every RUPES machine undergoes an extensive series of technical assessments. The performance of motors in heavy duty applications, balancing, energy consumption, and resistance to impacts are only a few examples of the standard requirements through which all new RUPES products must endure.

A RUPES product must demonstrate distinctive qualities and benefit the market by offering tangible advantages.

Technology Our technical department is constantly searching for new solutions. Features like an automatic filter cleaning system, anti-spin shroud, innovative 15-hole backing plate, efficient disk removal solutions demonstrate perfectly our team’s ability to develop new ideas and anticipate market trends. With the continuous introduction of new products and solutions RUPES aims to always stay one step ahead.

Innovation It is embedded in our genetic code. We provide leading-edge technologies to the global tool manufacturing industry. Innovation is essential to product development as it is an endless quest that constantly requires a higher level of performance with each new generation. The desire to push

the limits of knowledge means discovering new technologies and creating products that are truly different and eye-opening.

Design Our first goal in project development is to improve the quality and efficiency of the user’s work. To this end, we focus on balance and stability to reduce any vibration during its use. Our tools are easy to use, but do not compromise performance, power, or results.

Customer service. In every kind of industry, from sanding to polishing, to car detailing, we are our customer’s best partner. High quality technicians demand high quality instrumentation and the reliability of a solid brand. We share your same passion for quality results and we are committed to your complete satisfaction when you have a RUPES tool in your hand.